Roasted peaches, arugula and burrata toasts !

When we get home from work, we love sitting in front of a series with a lunch tray full of little things to nibble on. And our favorite recipe? Salty toast! So here, we decided to test a sweet/savoury recipe by combining roasted peaches with burrata and arugula. We can assure you that the combination of flavors will please you as much as us ;-) We have to leave you, our episode begins...

20 servings
5 min
15 min
Very Easy






  • Wash the arugula and peach. Slice the peach. Crush the almonds.
  • Grill the peach slices in a hot pan (you can also use a plancha or a panini machine if you have one). Remove from heat when both sides of the slices are golden brown.
  • Toast the slices of bread until golden and crispy.
  • Place the arugula on the bread slices and place the golden peach slices on top. Pour a drizzle of olive oil over the slices then salt and pepper.
  • Finally, add burrata to the toast and crushed almonds. And there you are, your bread is ready to be eaten!

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Which bread to use for a bruschetta?
For us, the perfect bread will be sliced country bread. A bread that you will have pleasure to go to the bakery and that will guarantee a soft crumb. Indeed, you will have to opt for a dense crumb perfectly retaining your filling. If you wish, you can also choose bread with seeds (sesame, poppy...) to bring a touch of crunch and additional flavors to your toast.

What size for a perfect bruschetta?
It all depends on where you toast your bread slices. If you want to opt for a toaster, make sure not to have too large slices. If necessary, use the oven in grill mode for a few minutes. However, this option will take longer.

Which cheese to put on the bruschetta?
Here we opted for the burrata. Placed all over your sandwich, you’ll feel like on a cloud when you'll eat it :-) However, don’t hesitate to replace it with classic mozzarella or slices of goat cheese log. This cheese pairs perfectly with sweet flavours.

What to replace roasted peaches with?
If you like sweet/salty, you can replace them with sliced pears or apples. Otherwise, simply opt for tomatoes or zucchini/grilled eggplant:-)


Roasted peaches, arugula and burrata toasts !, photo 1
Roasted peaches, arugula and burrata toasts !, photo 2
Roasted peaches, arugula and burrata toasts !, photo 3
Roasted peaches, arugula and burrata toasts !, photo 4


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