Tasty flower crab soup

3 servings
10 min
15 min
Chinese loves adding Flower Crabs when making Steamboat as the meat is really sweet. Steaming it in a distinct sauce is also one of the most common methods of cooking this crab.


Number of serving: 3
1 Flower Crab

250g Enoki

1 sprig Spring Onion

500ml Chicken broth

5 tbsp Carnation Evaporate Milk

1 tso Oyster sauce

1/2 tsp Salt

! tsp minced Ginger

2 tsp Chinese Cooking Wine


  • When choosing crab, get one with roes for tastier soup base.
  • Wash crab thoroughly. Remove crab legs by twisting & pulling them off. Loosen shell by lifting it, then turning crab over to remove shell by peeling it apart from body as shown in pix .
  • Dispose gills from body. Rinse crab.
  • Crack the legs.
  • Cut off roots from Enoki & set aside.
  • Heat stock & add crabs. Simmer for about 10 mins. Over-cooking will turn meat tough.
  • Add Enoki, Spring Onion, Milk, seasonings & stir well. Lastly, add wine to your aromatic soup & you’re ready to serve your tasty dish!


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