Super Salad Bar

I LOVE big-ass salad bars! They never cease to entertain me! :mrgreen:

During the summer, the Dudley Café in Harvard Yard offers an Extreme Salad Bar, featuring 50+ salad items, as well as rolls, chips, fruit, and drinks. The Salad Bar is located inside, but you can easily take your meal outside to enjoy on the patio in the sunshine. Unfortunately, it’s raining again in Cambridge today! :-x

Check out this impressive salad bar! It had everything!!!





The salad bar had so many fun toppings! Some things I had never even seen on a salad bar! I pretty much added one of everything to my plate.



I ate lunch with the Director of Crimson Catering and the Food Literacy Project Coordinator to brainstorm a “healthy living” event for my office. After only a few minutes of discussion, we came up with a great idea! Our plan is to offer a tour the Farmer’s Market at Harvard, followed by lunch featuring local ingredients for the members of my office to enjoy. During lunch, the Food Literacy Coordinator will talk about sustainable agriculture and eating local, and we’ll provide people with recipe cards from the featured lunch. I’m really looking forward to the event! :-D

My “extreme” salad was delicious, interesting, and satisfying– just the way a salad should be! Check out my tips and tricks for Raising the Salad Bar.


In honor of Cookie Friday, I indulged in an oatmeal raisin coconut cookie. So good! :mrgreen:



I’m heading to my hometown tonight, so I’m not sure if I will be blogging or not. If not, I’ll be back with my Mexican-themed bridal shower recap!

Happy weekend!!! 8-)

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