Belgian Endive - Ham - Patatoe Pie

Belgian Endive - Ham - Patatoe Pie
4 portions


3 Belgian Endives
100 gr minced gruyere cheese
200 ml cream
150 gr ham or bacon
80 gr patatoes
125 gr flour
60 gr butter
1/2 egg
1 table spoon water

pre preparation

puree the patatoe or mince it

mix the flour with the butter
add the half egg
add 1 table spoon of water
add the patatoe
mix good

take some house hold foil and place it in it
leave in the fridge for 30 minutes


turn the oven on 200C°
take a oven dish or cake form
put some baking paper over it
roll the patatoe dough over it
bake for 20 minutes in the oven

 cut the belgian endive in leafs

take a pan and put some butter in it
bake the belgian endives in it

bake the ham or bacon
if you use ham you can also leave it like that

mix the minced cheese with the cream, salt and pepper

when the patatoe pie is ready

take the pie

place the belgian endive over it

place the ham over it

poor some cheese cream mix over it

place the pie 20 minutes in the oven

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