Bittergourd, Pork Liver and Minced Pork Soup (??, ??, ?? ?)


1 Chicken bone (Keep the Meat for stir fry or Stew)
200g Pork Liver
200g Minced Pork
1 large bittergourd, sliced thinly
Handful of dried scallops
2 Litres Water
1 Egg


1. Scald the chicken bone in hot water for about 10 seconds
2. In a stock pot, pour in the water, Chicken bone and scallops, bring to a boil
3. Add in the bittergourd and lower the flame
4. On low flame for 2 hours, covered to retain moisture
5. 10 mins before serving, add in the liver, minced meat to soup
6. Just before serving, beat an egg, and slowly pour into the soup, slowly stirring the soup to create egg flower
7. Enjoy

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