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Recipe Courgette Paratha

Courgette Paratha

I have this really weird habit of picking up things that I really don't need while shopping. I know it?s a common complaint many men have against their wives, but I think I do it more often than I realize. Especially when I am doing grocery. I end up buyi
Recipe Harvest Pumpkin Scones - The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived!

Harvest Pumpkin Scones - The Great Pumpkin Has Arrived!

Living on the Central Coast of California, our change of seasons happens in a very subtle way. Ground snow doesn't happen in my part of California. Instead, our golden hills begin to show signs of life again with patches of bright green grass. In our b
Recipe St John Bread & Wine: The True Paragon.

St John Bread & Wine: The True Paragon.

How can you not enjoy reading about Fergus Henderson. His books, Nose to Tail Eating, and the companion follow-up Beyond NTT, I gather, have become necessary volumes in the canon of British cooking. I haven?t read the 2nd one, and I would love for him to
Recipe Piggy Pork Steamed Buns

Piggy Pork Steamed Buns

Another piggy-themed food :)! I was inspired to make piggy-shaped pork steamed buns after I saw Kristy's cute mantou buns a few days ago. The recipe itself is adapted from Maangchi's savoury Jjinppang mandu , because I am not into mantou buns with sw
Recipe Bake-From-Frozen Biscuits

Bake-From-Frozen Biscuits

Refrigerator biscuits are convenient, but sometimes tricky to pry from the pop-open packaging. This recipe offers even more convenience because you don?t have to yank the doughy rounds apart. These baked high, light, and fluffy - something you don?t oft
Recipe Light Cottage Cheese Rolls

Light Cottage Cheese Rolls

When a batch of rolls turns out as heavenly as these, it makes my day. I wasn?t expecting much from this recipe, as I thought the cottage cheese might make the rolls dense and heavy. These turned out so light that I was scratching my head trying to figu
Recipe Stuffed Baguette Bites

Stuffed Baguette Bites

Baguettes can be an accessory ingredient in so many recipes. Used this way, it becomes an edible receptacle for just about any filling you can dream up. No need to dip or spread your bread with any other ingredients. This is a great ?self-contained? ap
Recipe Puffy, Fluffy Spinach and Green Chilli Puris

Puffy, Fluffy Spinach and Green Chilli Puris

Puris (plural) [also spelt ?pooris?] are a kind of unleavened Indian flatbread which are hugely popular at weddings. They are typically kept plain or spiced with turmeric and chillies and always, always deep fried. They are beautifully soft, puffy and
Recipe Ready for Easter!

Ready for Easter!

Spring is probably one of my favorite times of the year! I absolutly love everything about it. Since I do not have a kitchen at the present time all I can do is longingly look at all of the fun Spring recipes. I thought I would share some favorites with y
Recipe Christmas Morning Cinnabuns

Christmas Morning Cinnabuns

I LOVE Christmas morning for SOO many reasons. Curling up together first thing and reading Luke 2, seeing the looks on my girls faces when they see the gifts under the trees, the smell of hot coffee, and one of my favorites.. Our Christmas morning
Recipe Torta Ahogada - Cake Drowned

Torta Ahogada - Cake Drowned

All sandwiches in Mexico are not wrapped in Corn or Flour Tortillas (Summa Gallia divisa est.....), but made on a variety of leaven breads called, in Mexico, Tortas, and the bolillo bread is a favorite. It has a crust and texture much like French bread, b
Recipe Airy Orange Poppy Seed Muffins - Big. Beautiful. Bakery-style.

Airy Orange Poppy Seed Muffins - Big. Beautiful. Bakery-style.

Isn?t this what you?re looking for in the ?Perfect? Muffin? This recipe surprised me - I wasn?t expecting one of the main ingredients to be yogurt... I decided to do something crazy and use orange zest instead of lemon. These have wonderful texture and
Recipe Honey Buns & Rosemary Walnut Cookies

Honey Buns & Rosemary Walnut Cookies

First of all, I would like to apologise that I've made some mistake on my previous post on the soft bun sandwiches and cheesy bread strips . I simply forgot to include the 45 grams of unsalted butter at the recipes. Please accept my apology. My
Recipe Rohrnudeln (can you say that?)- - Bavarian Hot Cross Buns

Rohrnudeln (can you say that?)- - Bavarian Hot Cross Buns

I've been seeing a lot of recipes for "Hot Cross Buns" all over Food Blosphere. I got to thinking-- my D.N.A. roots are deeply embedded in Germany-- Bavaria , to be specific. I saw a similarity to the sweet dough for Hot Cross Buns (an English Easter
Recipe Skillet Cornbread, Yankee Style (reposted) & Rain Roses

Skillet Cornbread, Yankee Style (reposted) & Rain Roses

I re-made this recipe with new pictures. When I first posted this, in January, I was just getting the knack for photographing what I make. My family was very new to having to wait, while salivating, while I tried to figure out how to find the macro butt
Recipe Stir Fry Glass Noodle (Sotanghon)

Stir Fry Glass Noodle (Sotanghon)

I just love Asian style noodles. Whether it's chow mein, stir fried, crispy, noodles in soup, yakisoba, pancit, or in this case sotanghon, I can eat them anytime, any day. Sotanghon is a Filipino dish whose name originated from the Chinese word " tanghoon

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