Drunken pear with fresh plum compote

This is one of the easiest desserts and more sexy.


- 4 Rocha pears not too ripe(without skin or pips, cut in halves)
- 1 small glass of white whine
- 1 small glass of water
- 2 soup spoons of sugar
- 1 soup spoon good honey
- 1 cinnamon stick
- 2 lemon skins just the zest
- 4 plums (no skin or pip, finely chopped)
- packet of crème fraiche (about 150grs)
- a few drops of lemon


Step 1

On a small pan put in the water, wine, lemon skins, cinnamon and two spoons of sugar as soon as it boil add the pear halves, reduce the heat to minimum, letting these boil gently until fully cooked around 20 minutes depending on pear size and ripeness, so verify.

Step 2

Once cooked place them in individual plates and set it aside. meanwhile throw in the water left over from cooking the pears, the chopped plums, let these ones cook in a medium heat reducing it until is like a soft jam (compote), when that happens turn the heat off and add a few lemon drops as these ones add flavour and stop the compote oxidizing, giving it a little stir.

Step 3

Turn the oven on (150 c) jut to heat up the pears on the little plates, so this will take around 3 minutes, while that is doing you can mix the crème fraiche with the honey.

Step 4

Now remove the pears from the oven and slice them length ways but not all the way through as you want to fan these.

Step 5

For a good looking dish, place some crème fraiche over the middle of the fanned pear and place a couple of spoons of the plum compote on the plate at the wider end of the fan, that will create a lovely contrast both visual as well as flavour, These are also nice cold refrigerated.


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