Garland Chrysanthemum (Tong Ho) Steamed Tofu with Tomatoes & Mushrooms

The simplicity and deliciousness of this dish cannot be undermined. I mean, it is tofu. And it is steamed. How can you ever imagined it to be tasty?

But it is.

When I saw the vegetarian steamed tofu from Little Inbox, I knew I gotta try it - just too easy to prepare (too hard to fail). Homemade taste and comfort. My kind of food. Of course, my dish - Steamed Tofu with Garland Chrysanthemum, Tomatoes and Mushrooms, looks completely different from what I was inspired from.  Don't ask me how it happened. Basically, I took back three (3) key words. TOFU ~ TOMATOES ~ STEAMED. Then add my (other) ingredients: carrots, mushrooms, Garland Chrysanthemum Tong-Ho, ??, green onions; and seasonings: ground white pepper, miso, sesame oil

Assembly in process...

"Sandwich" some tomatoes over 2 pieces of soft tofu ?photo below), top the tofu with more tomatoes, carrot shreds, button mushrooms, enoki mushrooms and Bailing mushrooms (mushrooms from YIFON); lay some Tong-Ho ???? and two thin slices of ginger around the tofu.

Steam for about 5-8 minutes.

While steaming, prepare a seasoning of 1/2 tsp miso (mixed with warm water to dissolve) + 1/2 tsp sesame oil (check out miso tips)

After steaming, remove the dish from steamer, sprinkle green onions over, plus a few dashes of ground white pepper and finally add (gently pour or ladle) the miso + sesame oil dressing over the steamed tofu dish. Yum yum yum! Well, maybe it is just my kind of food, not sure if it's yours?

Some of you were intrigued by Garland Chrysanthemum when I shared it with Weekend Herb Blogging a few weeks ago. While some of you were familiar of using this vegetable-herb in hotpots (or soups), there were a few asking how else can you cook this vegetable-herb. This is another simple recipe using Garland Chrysanthemum that I would like to share at this week's Weekend Herb Blogging hosted by Min of Honest Vanilla this week.


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