HCB Chocolate Apricot Roll with Lacquer Glaze

Confessions of another "Curious Cook" about this weeks Heavenly Cake.
Perhaps, I should title this post BBA-Baker with a Bad Attitude. I like to think of myself as positive and willing, even excited to try new things in the kitchen. It was with anxiety that I began this cake!!! And I am talking call for a straitjacket kind of anxiety...Not because of the complexity, but because of my past history of un-success with the final products of my Heavenly Cakes. I have made pumpkin rolls and am not intimidated by this type of cake. The facts that the Heavenly Cakes take massive amounts of time, use expensive ingredients, are labor intensive, mentally demanding and produce (in my opinion) less than mouthwatering results brought on such inner turmoil.

So..I began the cake. And in true BBA form I said well...if my final product is going to be dry then I will not be so careful and see what happens. I am reading the curious cook and it has given me a new sense of freedom and experimentation in the kitchen. Therefore, I turned anxiety into a science baking experiment!!
I have found more success with using my apple strudel towel when doing cake rolls. So, I flopped my cake down and started to roll.

More confessions:
I slammed my pan down on the floor to get rid of all bubbles in the batter before bakingI did not sift the flourI used regular and not superfine sugarI stirred with a spoon not a rubber spatulaI used cold eggs straight from the fridgeIt rolled perfectly!

I dabbled with the idea of using Toe Jam-Gourmet Apricot Jam, I just could not bring myself to do it! Toe Jam in my cake..NO I am not that curious! But, I did use jam to make the lekvar and not dried apricots.

Rose's descriptions are excellent. To make this in the microwave was simple and quick. It made the perfect amount.
Spreading on the lekvar.
Spreading the ganache. Which I zapped in the wave because it was too stiff.

Rolling the cake roll, I realized two things. I forgot the syrup and to leave out some of the ganache for the top. I am about to get creative. Creative and Curious!!

I need a thin board for the cake roll..cereal box and tin foil.

The side of a box of cereal is the PERFECT size for the cake roll. I cut those out and wrap them in foil.

And my cake is looking wonderful!!

Since I forgot the syrup, I coated the top as I rolled it. Bottom, Top, I didn't think it mattered as long as it was on the cake. Then I made a smaller batch of ganache to spread on the top.

Pouring the glaze on I was so excited that I was almost done that I did not wait for the glaze to cool at all. MISTAKE!!

As you can learn from my mistake....the glaze covered more of the pan than the cake.

But, some still covered the top and it was very shiny and beautiful! The cake guessed it, dry. Beautiful but dry. I also was surprise at how little the apricot flavor shined through. I was expecting a bigger zing of apricot. My neighbor gave it a 10 for presentation and gave me lots of ideas for how it could taste better.

And after all is said and done..I am naming this chocolate apricot roll with lacquer glaze the Epiphany cake.

I love to bake. I love mouthwatering take your breath away results. I too am on the quest for the One Perfect Bite. I am shelving Rose's Heavenly Cakes.
This week, I am trying a Dorie Greenspan cake recipe to rejuvenate my love of baking and success in the kitchen (failing, of course, at my no sweets during the week goal-sorry Sarah). I will also be visiting Alice Medrich's budinis for my weekend chocolate getaway.

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