Kuching trip II: Seafood Galore!

Surely I must have consumed more cholesterol-laden seafood in the two days we were in Kuching than for the whole of our 3 week holiday. Kuching is blessed with abundance of fresh and delicious seafood, and our guide S made sure we filled up on a lot of it.

Ling Loong Seafood Stall

For our first dinner in Kuching, S brought us to Ling Loong where you get to pick your choice of seafood and vegetables to be cooked to order. I like this concept of being able to choose the freshest looking ingredients for your table rather than be at the mercy of your chef who may try to use up the oldest stock first (which can be avoided anyway by going for popular stalls where turnover is high). Dinner included:

The fresh produce on display to entice customers; and the coral trout chosen for dinner

Mani Chye in Hokkien or Cangkuk Manis in Malay - I don't know the English term but I do know that it is a delicious leafy green; and Sambal Kangkung - my all-time FAVOURITE leafy greens! Not easily available in Tokyo, and when it is available, it is very pricey:

Seafood Soup full of umami deliciousness - it was so good, I burnt my tongue drinking it; and Venison aka deer, which was surprisingly tender and did not taste as gamey as I thought it would:

Butter Prawn, not so healthy but so yummy - I was eating these whole, head, tail, shell and all! Rob was giving me his prawn heads too, which did not help the excessive amount of cholesterol I was consuming! And the Steamed Coral Trout, which was also delicious.

Rock Road Seafood Restaurant

On our second (and final) night, we went to Rock Road Seafood Restaurant for dinner, and we had the honour of dining with S's parents.

Fresh fruit and vegetables and live seafood on display. Check out the size of the claw/pincer on prawn in the tank! We had three of these babies for dinner:

Midin, a type of vegetable unique to Sarawak, which I've been informed is a fern - crunchy texture, similar to eating skinny asparagus; and Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic, which has a silky soft texture when cooked - have I said how much I like my leafy greens?:

Stir-fried Bamboo Clams with Curry; and Baked Crab with Cheese. Both were yummy:

Thai-style Fish (I forget which fish) - deep-fried crunchy with a sweet spicy sauce, I was happy to munch away at the fish head too; and Crab in Spicy Sweet & Sour Sauce - messy eating, but so so good:

Scrumptious Fried Oyster in Special Batter; and the above-said Prawns in Satay Sauce, which is the restaurant's signature dish. It's served with fried mantou bread to mop up the delicious sauce:

Apologies for my amnesia. I really should have taken more detailed notes rather than relying on my memory. Kuching really is the place to go for fresh seafood that don't cost a bomb.

Coming up in this blog - kopitiam eats!

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