Mini egg rolls (perfect for the school lunch box)

Main Dish
2 servings
10 min
5 min
Very Easy
A good easy recipe to be made to improve the inside of your sandwich! True one delight!


Number of serving: 2

For the omelets:

1 large egg,

a handful of chopped mixed veggies (carrots, sweetcorn, peas and beans)

1 tblspn grated cheese

salt to taste,


  • Beat all the ingredients together and cook small omelets rather than one large one.
  • Butter the rolls and warm them a little. Sandwich one omelet in each roll, top with a dollop of ketchup and they are ready to be packed. Pack each individual roll in grease proof paper so they don't come apart.


Mini Egg Rolls (Perfect for the school lunch box), photo 1Mini Egg Rolls (Perfect for the school lunch box), photo 2

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