Nian Gao Puff with yam and freshly grated coconut

I first tasted this nian gao puff at my first blogger meet during last Chinese New Year. They were from Tracie of Bitter Sweet Flavors and I fell in love with it. I am crazy over deep fried nian gao that were sandwiched with yam and sweet potatoes but they are very oily. The puff is much better because it not. Since I have some nian gao in the fridge, I decided to make it. Instead of following just Tracie's recipe, I incorporated Sonia?s, Tracie?s and Wendy?s recipes into one. I omitted the roasted peanuts and added mashed yam and desiccated coconut like what Wendy did with her fried nian gao roll. This combination had yield a fine product and I am very happy with it. My friends and family loved it. They nodded their head to show their approval after the first bite so this was a successful venture. The credit goes to my three friends. Do go check out their blogs, they have lots of yummy recipes as well as fabulous photos. Even if you do not cook, you can treat your eyes to a feast.

Largely adapted from Sonia?s and Tracie?s and Wendy?s



1 medium size Chinese Steamed Sticky cake / Nian Gao (cut 32 pcs. lengthwise, 1 in x ½ in x ½ in thick)
4 pcs. Frozen Puff Pastry, thawed and roll it out thinly, cut into 8 rectangles
1 medium size yam, cubed, steamed and mashed.
2 cups freshly grated coconut
1 egg yolk, beaten for glazing
White sesame seeds


Mix desiccated coconut with mashed yam.  Coat nian gao with yam and grated coconut mixture.  Place Nian Gao in puff pastry and seal the edges. Brush the pastry with some egg wash, sprinkle some sesame seeds. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180c for 20 mins or until golden brown

Note: You may have some nian gao left. The rule of the thumb is to make 32 puffs. This will taste good with desiccated grated coconut too.

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