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The last few days I’ve felt like a cast member of Glee. No, I haven’t been dancing about the living room singing mash ups. I’ve  just gone quietly about my own business only to get a great, big slushie thrown in my face. While these icy facials came from above, not eye-level, they were just as jolting. After enduring a couple of sneak attacks, I’m beginning to think Old Man Winter is a bully with a very bad attitude. What’s he plotting next? A cosmic wedgie?

So, to avoid the next inevitable ambush of winter, I ran to the library like a good little student and hid behind a book. In the process, I warmed my ice-splashed face with the sun of Spain. Through the gorgeous images in The Food of Spain: A Journey for Food Lovers, I basked in a recipe for Basque Baked Tuna, dipped my toe in the Cantabrian Sea and gorged virtually on figs loaded with honey, almonds, chocolate and cream. I sailed away from my troubles on a fishing boat, disembarking only to wander the markets or stroll through an olive grove. I lingered so long I’m surprised I didn’t get sunburned.

When I finally pried myself from the sofa, I tried some of the recipes. I made Prawn Fritters — which, by the way, should not be made in a waffle iron — and a big dish of Chicken in Samfaina Sauce. After learning from the fritters not to veer from the instructions, I stuck to this chicken recipe closely. Even if it did mean opening a bottle of white wine for the mere 1/2 cup required.

The results? Delicious and warming. I loved that the eggplant didn’t have to be salted and left to drain. It also went together fairly quickly. I chopped all the vegetables while the chicken and onions cooked, so prep time wasn’t too long. While the chicken simmered I cleaned up, set the table and put my feet up for a quick siesta. Ah, this is the life.

Although the soggy snow kept coming, I had the better part of a bottle of white to finish off and a whole pot of chicken. Take that Old Man Winter!



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