Black sepia ink bun

Side dish
7 servings
30 min
3 hours
15 min
The secret ingredient is sepia ink ! You can also use charcoal to make these black buns !


Number of serving: 7
500 gr flour

25 gr sugar

10 gr salt

20 gr fresh yeast

1 egg

72 ml milk

200 ml water

30 gr softened butter

8 gr sepia ink

egg white

sesame seeds


  • Step 1 - Black sepia ink bun
    Put flour + salt + sugar in a bowl. Make a hole and put the yeast in it. Add the egg + milk + water and finally the sepia ink. Knead during about 10 minutes at speed 3.
  • Step 2 - Black sepia ink bun
    Add the softened butter gradually. Form a ball with the dough and leave to rest during 1H30 at room temperature with a cloth on top.
  • Step 3 - Black sepia ink bun
    Degas the dough and form little balls (120gr each). Put the balls on a baking sheet and leave to rest during 1h30 at room temperature.
  • Step 4 - Black sepia ink bun
    Brush the buns with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  • Step 5 - Black sepia ink bun
    Bake 15 min at 390°F (200°C).
  • Step 6 - Black sepia ink bun
    There you are !


Black sepia ink bun, photo 1
Black sepia ink bun, photo 2
Black sepia ink bun, photo 3
Black sepia ink bun, photo 4


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