How to pick a pineapple?

How to pick a pineapple?

Filled with vitamins and flavours, the pineapple will enchant you! Carpaccio, ice-cream, cakes, or eaten as is, you won't be able to resist its juicy flesh.

To enjoy this fruit as it should be, here are all our tips to choose the right pineapple.

The weight

To know if a pineapple is really ripe, its weight is an important criterion. Heft the fruit: it should be heavy, showing how much flesh and juice it contains.

The smell

Because of its high content of aromatic molecules, the fruit must exhale a delicate scent. Smell it before picking it to make sure you get the right fruit!

The appearance

To know if a pineapple is mature enough, look at its leaves: they should be vigourous and strong, and show a nice and pure green.

The shape

When picking a pineapple, the shape is important: look at its rind. It should be waxy, and show no signs of bruises.


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Jenny Eatwell
Jenny Eatwell, 06/06/2020

How do you find a golden pineapple though! Here in the U.K. all we seem to get these days are green, unripe pineapples. I've gone back to using tinned, as fresh pineapples just stay green and then go rotten. :(

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