Pina colada cake

8 servings
30 min
45 min
Very Easy
It was a soft, juicy, sweet cake, yum yum! :D


Number of serving: 8

for the sponge:

1 dl= 2/5 cup of pineapple juice (can be the juice of the pineapple can)

250 g = 1 cup of flour

150 g = 3/5 cup of sugar

1 dl = 2/5 cup of milk

0,5 dl = 1/5 cup of oil

1 tbsp of baking powder

2 tbsp of vanilla sugar

1 egg

half tsp of curcuma/turmeric

1 tbsp of rum flavor

2 tbsp of dessicated coconut

a can of pineapple (500 g= 18 oz )

for the cream:

3 dl =1+1/4 cup of milk

1 dl = 2/5 cup of pineapple juice

1 package of vanilla pudding

3 tbsp of dessicated coconut

4 tbsp of sugar

+ more dessicated coconut on the top


  • Mix the ingredients of the sponge, except the pineapple fruit. (I created 2 kinds of batter, one with the coconut, and one with the rum flavor, but in the end we couldn't realise difference, so You can mix the whole. :) )
  • Mix the milk, with the vanilla pudding, the sugar and with the pineapple juice, and boil them , while stirring. During that add the 3 tbsp of dessicated coconut, too.
  • Lubricate a big baking tray with margarine/butter, and sprinkle some flour on it, too. Then, pour the pastry into that.
  • Place the pineapple pieces into the pastry.
  • Then, with a tablespoon, spoon 1-1 tbsp of cream into the pastry, everywhere, to have a cream pattern. (You shouldn't use all the cream for that, we will use it later)
  • Bake it on 180 degree C, for about 40 minutes.
  • With the rest of the cream, lubricate the top of the cake. Scatter some coconut on the top. Cool it a bit, and then you can serve it, as You like. :)

    More photoes can be found on my blog:


Pina Colada Cake, photo 1
Pina Colada Cake, photo 2





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