Raw banana and pear tarts

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A post or pre workout meal presented as tarts.. the texture is to die for, chewy crust with a soft gooey centre and they taste amazing! Even if they are a little bit rustic looking...

  • Raw Banana and Pear tarts
  • Raw Banana and Pear tarts, Photo 2
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4 servings
25 min
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0 min
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25 min



1/2 cup oats
1/4 cup dried coconut
2 large tablespoons pea protein powder
2 large tablespoons rice syrup
1/8 tsp vanilla powder or similar
1 large tablespoon coconut oil – soft not melted
1 tablespoon water


2 small lady finger bananas
2/3 ripe pear
1/4 tsp vanilla
2 tbs pea protein powder
Sweetener if you feel you need it.. I didn't add any


Step 1


Place all dry ingredients into a small food processor or blender and blend until you have a fine meal.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend until you get a sticky dough. If it’s still a bit dry add a tiny bit of water until you get a good consistency.

Press into cling film lined muffin tins and freeze so that they harden while you prepare the filling

Step 2


Add fruit to a small blender a blend until smooth.
Add the remaining ingredients and blend until thick and creamy.

Pour or spoon into crusts then either refrigerate or freeze until they firm up... or you could just devour them while they are warm and gooey!!

Step 3


Use organic were possible.
I used pea protein powder but you could also use rice protein powder, I think whey would be a bit runny but you can try it. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to help it set.

I used rice syrup to keep the fructose low but you cold also use honey, agave, stevia or 2 soft dates.


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