Venetian Wafer Cake

6 servings
15 min
1 hour
Very Easy



Ingredients for making Wafer:

Ingredients for making Custard:


  • Preparation for Wafer:

    1.First melt the butter in one deep bowl, add the sugar beat it well follow with eggs beat it well together. In another bowl sift the cake flour, salt and baking powder mix together n keep it aside.
    2.I didn't used my electric egg beater to this wafer, use fork or egg beater.
    3.Now add the dry ingredients to the egg bowl use your hand and mix it together like a cookie dough.
    4.The same consistency the dough should not stick to the edges of the bowl.
    5.Knead it well together, make into small balls like we do for poori.
    6.All balls should be in same size and roll down the each balls into very thinly in round shape.( roll it very thin first grease the surface with margerine n then roll down then only its easy to take from the surface)
    7.I used my aluminium pot lid to bake, cos it is perfect round shape i couldn't fit the rolls in my baking tray in big tray i can keep only 1 if i put another its touching each other.
    8.So, i used my Pot plates for baking, you can use your comfortable trays.
    9.Preheat the oven to 350 deg F, grease your trays and place the rotis and bake it for 5-10 mts ( till it turns light light brown it will start to bubble on top no need to leave it till golden brown)
    10.Like the same do it for all rotis and place it in cloth to cool.You can see the cracks on sides of the rotis don't worry it will become right while we are serving.
    11.Atleast one biscuit roll will tear or turn light brown , make it into crumbs for toppings.
    12.Now place one biscuit roti in plate apply red colour custard on all sides then place another roti apply green colour custard on all sides follow with another roti apply the plain custard like the same do it for all biscuit rotis like doing for Lasagna layers.
    13.On top pour all colour remaining custards and sprinkle the biscuit roti crumbs over the sides and top, leave it cool inside the fridge for 1 or 2 hrs.
    14.Now cut the wafer cake into pieces you will see the difference, the custard will set into the rotis it will turns soft and it looks like jelly.

    Preparation for Hot Thick Custard:

    1.Heat the milk in medium flame , add the custard powder and sugar.
    2.Mix it gently continuously it will turns thick.
    3.Cook in medium flame or else it will burn at the bottom.
    4.Now take out the pot from fire after it turns thick hot custard, pour food colours in 2 bowls n pour custards to the bowls and keep remaining custard for yellow colour.
    5.Mix the custard well with the food colours, now its ready to make the wafers.
    6.First bake the biscuit rotis then try to make this hot custard.

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