Muscovado, Osmanthus Mah Lai Koh (Steamed Cake)

This is the easiest method of making Mah Lai Koh that I know. The result is very good. As you seen with the simple mixing methods able to produce tasty Mah Lai Koh with very soft, fluffy texture!

Inspired by Agnes Chang Mah Lai Koh (Steamed Cake), Delightful snacks & dim sum
150g muscovado sugar
¼ tsp salt
130ml water
1 tbsp dried osmanthus

120g high protein flour
100g plain flour
*sift and set aside

3 eggs
80g vegetable oil
180ml above sugar syrup(A)

3 tsp double action baking powder
1 tbsp sesame seeds


(A) Sugar Syrup
Put the muscovado sugar and salt into a cooking pan. Cook with low heat till you can smell the fragrant of the sugar. Add in the water and stir to mix. Off the heat once all the sugar melted. Put in the dried osmanthus, stir to mix. Leave to cool. Sieve to remove any impurity. Top up with water if the sugar syrup is less than 180ml.
* Be careful do not burn the sugar. Burn sugar taste bitter.

(B) Cake
1. Put wet ingredients from (C) in a bowl. Whisk to well combine. Pour into the dry ingredients mixture (B). Stir to well incorporate.
2. Add in the double action baking powder and mix to well combine.
3. Pour the batter into lined steaming round pan (8"). Sprinkle top with some sesame seeds.
*The thickness of the batter should not more than 2 ½ cm otherwise the cake not able to rise well.
4. Bring the water to boil. Steam the cake at high heat about 25 minutes.

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