Chicken feet

6 servings
15 min
10 min
Very Easy
Your favorite Chinese dimsum utilizing chicken paws...innovated.


Number of serving: 6
1 kilo chicken feet (about 24-26 pieces), fully cleaned, toes and nails cut,

1 bulb small fresh garlic, cloves peeled and crushed

80 ml. soya or palm oil for sautéing

50 ml. sesame oil

3 grams salt

2 grams ground black pepper

6 pieces star anise

2 pieces finely chopped “sili labuyo” (bird’s eye chilies)

2 pieces chopped small “sili pansigang” (chili finger, banana chili)

100 grams achuete seeds soaked in150 grams tap water for 1 hour. Strained. Colored water set aside.


Water 50 ml.


  • Heat soya/palm oil in sautéing pan. Add in garlic. Brown a bit.
  • Pour in chicken feet, scatter the salt, pepper, star anise and the OPTIONAL MSG. Tumble constantly until light brown.
  • Transfer to suitable pressure cooker. Add in sesame oil, sili labuyo, sili pansigang, colored water and the 50ml. tap water.
  • Cover and cook. When “whistling” starts set timer to 3 minutes. Done.
  • Carefully subject cooker under running tap water to cool off. Retrieve feet in a suitable server and scoop up the yummy sauce on a separate bowl.
  • Serve. Enjoy. Use of chopsticks will add to your family’s excitement.

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