Steamed Zebra Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus Zebra)

Steamed Cupcakes

Bianca is always excited every time I made these cupcakes (sorry for the old picture, back dated 2y ago..oh my..). She just loves them.. How bout the rest of our family? Of course they love them too. Normally I made them not too sweet, so that we can eat it more and more. The recipe source is: here.


450g granulated sugar (decrease the quantity for less sweetness)
500g all purpose flour
1tsp baking powder
4 eggs
300mL water/light milk/coconut milk (the cupcakes on the picture were made with coconut milk)
1Tbsp emulsifier
1tsp choco/pandan/mocha essence (I used orange and choco for the above picture)

Mix flour and baking powder all together in a bowl, keep it aside. Whisk sugar, egg, emulsifier until fluffy and thick, then add the flour mixture and coconut milk alternately while keep mixing it. Separate the batter into two and add the essence into one of them and mix it well. Pour into the mould alternately (plain and colored batter) until 2/3 high. Steam for 20min.

A bonus picture to show you how they love the cupcakes..

Penggemar Bolkus2




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