Coconut Custard Chiffon Cake

By The Sweet Maison

Coconut is the fruit which is very popular to be an ingredient for savory and dessert dishes especially for southeast asia countries. Besides of being an ingredient, drinking coconut juice is really good enough to have such a nice natural taste.

Last 2 days, I told myself that I had to bake chiffon cake! and I was thinking which flavor of chiffon cake should I bake ... Firstly I wanted to bake orange chiffon cake but coincidentally I went pass the supermarket which they offered a good promotion of coconut from Thailand. It's only $S1.95 for 2 young coconuts, how could I miss it.....!

The coconut chiffon cake, you can just use any your favorite chiffon cake recipe and substitute water with coconut juice and milk with coconut milk. Eating plain chiffon cake is too simple for me then I thought of some coconut custard filling which I got the few recipes in my book but I never followed exactly to the recipe so my coconut custard filling made from evaporated milk, whipping cream, coconut cream, coconut juice, agar powder, corn starch, sugar, salt, salted butter and young coconut meat. The taste of this coconut custard was great but I felt something missing then I thought of the desiccated coconut in my cupboard. It gave more coconut fragrance in my coconut custard as what I expected :) I still left some custard in my fridge and I might come out new idea to use up this coconut custard filling soon.

By The Sweet Maison

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