Oreo roll cake

10 servings
15 min
2 hours
Very Easy
You love oreos? Why don't you make a roll cake with these delicious cookies?


Number of serving: 10
450 gr double cream Oreos

50 ml milk

50 gr softened butter

70 ml cream

70 gr chocolate

Grated coconut


  • Remove filling from the cookies. Blend the biscuits to make oreo powder.
  • Warm cream and then pour the cream on the chocolate, mix well to make a ganache. Add the oreo powder and 20 ml milk and mix.
  • Spread this dough on plastic foil.
  • Add 30 ml milk and butter to the oreo filling and mix well. Spread this on the black dough. Roll it all, wrap and refrigerate 2 hours.
  • Sprinkle with oreo powder and grated coconut.


Oreo roll cake, photo 1
Oreo roll cake, photo 2
Oreo roll cake, photo 3
Oreo roll cake, photo 4
Oreo roll cake, photo 5


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