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Recipe Spanish Style Sardines

Spanish Style Sardines

Spanish Style Sardines Spanish Style Sardines is a different variant of cooking sardines where fish is pressure cooked in oil, other methods known is cooking in brine or tomato sauce.  This food item is known for its preserved or canned versions which
Recipe Bread And Sardine Rolls

Bread And Sardine Rolls

There's no need to buy fresh bread slices to make these rolls as near expiry ones will do for I really don't feel comfortable in letting food going to waste. You can serve these rolls for tea time and you if have much time in hand, why not for breakf
Recipe Sardine Rolls

Sardine Rolls

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This morning Mak Chu asked me, why is my blog not updated for quite a long time. She said, " Mama ni malaslah ". Oh boy, if only that is possible, I mean to be 'malas', it'll be great! Haha... I was pretty tight up with chores and not to mention, receivin