Culinary Cross Culture Adventures: Easter Bread!

By Maman and Gourmand

Hot Crossed Buns, Pan Di Pasqua, Babka, Koolitch, Tsoureki, Paska, Osterstollen, Passbrod and Cresca all mean one thing: EASTER TIME!!! I am going to be breaking it down for y'all. I have been doing some research about Easter and I have some interesting facts. I have been studying the cross culture breads and pastries. They follow the rise and fall of civilizations, empires, and coups. I love culinary history. I love history in general but history and food? Fogetaboutit. What the Persian empire did for our tastes can thank them and the Egyptians for Easter Eggs.! And Atilla the Hun! Woot! Did you know that Venice, Italy wouldn't have exhisted if it wasn't for Atilla? Yeah he scared the people of Italy off into the swamps. Venice. What a loss that would have been. Anyhow back to what I was talking about. Culinary Cross Culture Adventures. All the above names in the title are Easter Bread. Isn't it so funny that all these cultures have Easter Bread? AND on top of that they are very similar in ingredients? It is not a coincedence I can assure you. I WAS (yes past tense)going to post a recipe but Reeni beat me to it. We have this creepy ESP thing going on. But it's okay...THAT'S JUST HOW WE ROLL. Lol...sooooooo. Please visit her because she made a super great example of Italian Easter Bread....with anise no less!!! Woot!
Want to know the answers to the following questions? Read this.
1. Why lamb?
2. Why ham?
3. What's up with eggs?
4. And those Easter egg hunts?
5. Where the heck did the Easter Bunny come from?
6. Easter Bread?

By Maman and Gourmand

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