Warm chicken & potato salad with sweet mustard dressing

Main Dish
4 servings
20 min
25 min
Very Easy


Number of serving: 4
1 tablespoon macadamia nut oil

2 chicken breast fillets

400 g baby potatoes

150 g asparagus

1/4 cup milk

sunflower oil

6 tablespoons grainy mustard

4 tablespoons sugar

6 tablespoons macadamia nut oil

5 tablespoons water


  • Heat macadamia nut oil in a frying pan over high heat, add chicken breast fillets and quickly sear on both sides.
  • Sprinkle with salt and continue frying over moderate heat for 5 - 7 minutes, or until cooked through and nicely golden all over. Remove from heat and allow chicken to cool thoroughly before slicing into strips.
  • Meanwhile, steam or boil the potatoes until soft, then halve. Combine with chicken and asparagus in a bowl.
  • Prepare your dressing by whisking all the ingredients together in a small jar, then pour over chicken salad and toss gently to coat everything with the dressing.
  • Lastly, prep your eggs by whisking them, together with milk and a touch of salt in a small bowl until frothy. Heat sunflower oil in a small frying pan over high heat, then add egg mixture.
  • After a minute, turn heat to medium-low and start drawing through the eggs with a spatula to scramble them. The eggs cook very quickly and shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. When they look almost done, remove from the stove top - they will still cook for a further few seconds until the perfect consistency. They should still be soft and creamy when you're done and not at all dry.
  • Divide salad amongst individual serving plates or bowls and top with broken up bits of soft scrambled egg. Enjoy immediately.


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