Apple juice caviars...

2 servings
15 min
Very Easy
A small source of freshness, but a great delight that can sastisfaire your desire to cool off. Taste it! It's very good.


Number of serving: 2
250 g 100% apple juice

2 g sodium alginate

500 g water

2.5 g calcium chloride

250 g water or apple juice


  • Making the bath by dissolve the chloride in the water.
  • Blend the juice and alginate together with immersion blender.
  • Draw into a syringe.
  • Drop the mixture into the bath drop by drop.
  • Remove after one minute and rinse in water or apple juice.


Apple juice caviars..., photo 1Apple juice caviars..., photo 2



Stop making me evaluate these damn recipes. I just wanted to look, but since this pop up insisted on me rating a curiosity, I'm giving it a one star for how well it managed to annoy me in less than five seconds.

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Easy n fun

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