Pan-fried tofu

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Recipe type:
Number of serving:
4 servings
35 min
Cook time:
25 min
Ready in:
1 hour
Very Easy


- 1 14 oz package firm or extra firm tofu
- 1/2 c soy sauce
- juice of half a lemon
- 3 Tbsp ketchup
- 2 Tbsp dijon mustard
- 1 tsp sugar
- 1 large garlic clove


Step 1

Combine the ingredients for the marinade together in a shallow dish. Make sure the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.

Step 2

Remove the tofu from the package and carefully pat dry with a paper towel. Slice them into 4 or 5 3/4-inch to 1 inch steaks. Places the slices into the marinade.

Step 3

Marinate the tofu steaks for at least an hour before cooking. Even better is done the night before for better flavors absorption.

Step 4

Prepare your grill or skillet. Heat a little olive oil. Just enough to lightly cover the bottom of the pan.

Step 5

Place the tofu steak and cook each side until it gets a slight char on the edges. roughly 3-5 minutes -- on medium heat. Be careful of splatters.

Step 6

Serve warm with some of the BBQ marinade.


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