Almond Sugee Cake

Many Sugee cakes are made with Ghee (!!!) and by the creaming method of incorporating the ingredients. This gives birth to a harder texture which in all fairness makes it difficult to call it a cake. The traditional Eurasian dessert kinda resonates memories of an Indian item called Kesari which I posted on earlier (click here). Both these desserts contain semolina.

As children, we shunned Mother's Sugee cakes. So, she now uses the soaking method and butter (Butter is less rich than Ghee). The resulting Sugee Cake is soft, light and moist.

While Brandy is used, the taste is not apparent but is important to bring out the flavours of the otherwise tasteless semolina and chopped almonds and butter in a great tender harmony.

We bought this really nifty paper baking tray from the store. The tray was so pretty and presentable. The best part about it was that the cake dropped right out. This rarely happens with no manual persuasion. Only does it yield to the Baked Wonderific of Sugee (yeah, it might have been the butter content actually!).

Although it may appear humble, the Sugee Cake is hard to make. You gotta soak the semolina for hours (which, I know, does not require much effort) and you gotta fold in the flour with utter care. If not you risk the middle or bottom part of the cake turning out like Kuey (Oh! The horror! It happened on my virgin attempt at Sugee quite recently!).

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