Liver with rice

4 recipes
Recipe Braised chicken livers with poached grapes

Braised chicken livers with poached grapes

Main Dish Very Easy 30 min 50 min
Ingredients: 1) For the Green salad with chicken giblets : 1 kilo chicken giblets 1 onion, finely chopped 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 cup white dry wine 2 ripe fresh...
Recipe Fried rice with mixed chinese sausages & waxed meat

Fried rice with mixed chinese sausages & waxed meat

Main Dish Very Easy 15 min 30 min
Ingredients: 1 lean meat sausage 1 pork liver sausage 1 wine sausage 1 medium piece of waxed pork leg or waxed goose drumstick 3 cups rice 2 medium size fresh egg...
Recipe Caldereta/kaldereta(filipino stew)

Caldereta/kaldereta(filipino stew)

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Main Dish Easy 1 hour 1 hour
Ingredients: 500 grams chicken breast sliced or cubes 500 grams pork butt shoulder sliced or cubes 4 tbsp light soy sauce 2 tbsp rice wine 2 tbsp corn flour 2...
Recipe Arroz valenciana

Arroz valenciana

Main Dish Easy 15 min 1 hour
Ingredients: 1 kilo malagkit (glutinous or sticky) rice Turmeric powder Water (1:1 ratio with malagkit rice + 2 cups) 3 tbsps oil 2 cloves garlic minced 1 med...

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