Halal japanese potato salad cake

10 servings
30 min
20 min
Did I catch your attention with my latest eye candy? Delight the eyes as your teeth sink into this potato salad, filled with ingredients like Corn Kernels, Carrots, Shredded Crabsticks and Ham.


Number of serving: 10


  • Step 1 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    ( Tomato Flowers )
    Rinse tomatoes. Using a sharp knife, remove the skin gently without breaking them. Roll it till it forms a rose.
  • Step 2 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    ( Ham Flowers )
    Rinse green chillies and cut about ¼ from the bottom. Use a knife to make patterns to form the base of the flower.
    Cut ham into half. Roll it and insert it gently into the flower base and you will have a pretty flower.
  • ( Potato Cake )
    Remove carrot skin and rinse. Using a vegetable peeler, make 4 thin slices. Also cut out some carrot flowers for decoration.
  • Wash and boil potatoes for about 20 minutes, or till you can insert a satay stick in. Transfer to cold water and gently remove the skin.
  • Set aside 2 potatoes and cut into cubes. Mash the rest.
    Add salt and pepper and mix potato well.
  • Dice the eggs and mix with salad cream.
  • Mix egg and potato mixture together. Stir in onions, cut ham and corn kernels.
    Throw in shredded crab sticks and potato cubes and mix well.
  • Step 8 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    I had some leftover capsicum from making hearts for my egg muffins, so I decided to throw them in here to add more colours. Using your hands, try to mould the potato mixture into a square on a serving plate.
  • Step 9 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    Next, add chopped spring onions on the 4 sides of the potato cake.
  • Step 10 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    Place the 4 carrot slices on the cake; they act as the ribbons.
  • Step 11 - Halal Japanese Potato Salad Cake
    Add the carrot flowers and tomato roses to beautify the salad cake and start impressing your guests!


Don't waste the tomatoes. Chop the rest of the tomatoes to make a salsa etc.


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