Melon with Wine

5 recipes
Recipe Fruit salad with port wine

Fruit salad with port wine

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Dessert Very Easy 15 min
Ingredients: 1 Round Melon 3 Fleshy Oranges 1 bunch of grapes seedless 1 banana 1 Red apple 1 tin of pineapple 1 Ripe peach 1/2 fresh orange juice 1/2 pineapple ...
Recipe Winter melon treasures

Winter melon treasures

Main Dish Easy 30 min 20 min
Ingredients: 1 slice Winter Melon 4 Dried Oysters 4 Conpoy (Dried scallops) 5g Black Moss 8 Flower mushrooms (small) 6 Ginkgo nuts 5 dried Beancurd sticks ...
Recipe Steamed stuffed winter melon rolls

Steamed stuffed winter melon rolls

Main Dish Very Easy 15 min 10 min
Ingredients: A : 200 g winter melon some shredded spring onion cornstarch solution, for thickening B : 100g fish paste 100 g minced pork 100 g prawn paste 1 table...
Recipe Pork stuffed bitter melon

Pork stuffed bitter melon

Main Dish Very Easy 15 min 10 min
Ingredients: 3 shiitake mushrooms, rehydrated and chopped finely 1 tablespoon Shaoxing rice wine 4 tablespoons light soy sauce Large pinch of white pepper 1 table...
Recipe Chocolate mixed nuts mooncake (baked)

Chocolate mixed nuts mooncake (baked)

Other Very Easy 20 min 15 min
Ingredients: For Mixed Nuts filling : 100 g whole almond, chopped & roasted 100 g walnuts, chopped & roasted 50 g whole hazelnut, roasted 50 g pistachio, roasted 1...
The melon

The melon

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How to serve and eat dishes with melon?

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