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Recipe Not Quite Barberry Rice with Chicken Kebabs

Not Quite Barberry Rice with Chicken Kebabs

I've always had some sort of affinity with Persian/Iranian food. Perhaps it has something to do with spending the first four years of my life in Iran, albeit a very hazy memory. Having grown up in Los Angeles, a city with a large Iranian communi


Chicken Biryani I used to cook Nasi Biryani my style.... Almost as same as what we can get from any Mamak's restaurant, but maybe there is some different in taste due to ingredients used and the quantity of ingredients used. But today Abbas taught m
Recipe Top 10 Chicken Recipes

Top 10 Chicken Recipes

I remember going to the home of my parents friends one night sometime in the mid-70 s and eating a dish called London Chicken . I don t know the exact recipe, but we all loved it so much that it became a dish in my own mother s cooking repertoire. Essen
Recipe Salsa Verde Chicken Salad

Salsa Verde Chicken Salad

Knowing we were going to be away this weekend, we placed an online shopping order so that we didn t return home to an empty fridge on Sunday night. We do this every now and again and it works well but usually we stick to basics like milk and bread. This
Recipe Kotopita me prassa (chicken and leek pie)

Kotopita me prassa (chicken and leek pie)

Kotopita is one of many types of pita , or Greek savory pies.    After making the pork and beef galettes using leeks, I wanted to try leeks with chicken as well. I based this pie on the Chicken Pie I used to make in the past, only instead of
Recipe Asian-Style Chicken Noodle Soup

Asian-Style Chicken Noodle Soup

We love resorting to comfort food that is fulfilling and easy to prepare. Food doesn t have to be pretentious to be satisfying! So when you have some leftover veggies and meat, think about making this great Asian Chicken Noodle Soup using mung bean thread
Recipe Spicy Sicilian Chicken

Spicy Sicilian Chicken

I must have been feeling a little lazy yesterday because I wanted a dinner that would mostly cook itself. This stew from Molto Italiano did that, and as a bonus, it required some wine but not an entire bottle. Since the vegetables refused to chop the
Recipe chicken in ginger gravy/sauce (ayam masak halia)

Chicken in ginger gravy/sauce (ayam masak halia)

lol...when i post this n3 i forgot to put the here it is.. Ingredients: 1clove of garlic chopped 1 inch of ginger cut in fine strips carrots cut in strips (qty is depending on your liking) 1 red chili discard seeds and cut in strips -
Recipe Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

i've always said that if i ever won the lottery, i would travel. that's such a broad idea of traveling. there are many, many, many countries i'd like to see. however, i'd love to spend a month in india. to be fair, i don't even know much about india, apar
Recipe CEimB: Buffalo Chicken Salad with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

CEimB: Buffalo Chicken Salad with Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

It s that time again! The time we have all been anxiously awaiting. Thursday s episode of Craving Ellie .  We have a creative group of cooks who enjoy cooking together in blog land once a week using the same recipe from Ellie Krieger s book The Food Y
Recipe Chicken Pancit (Filipino Noodles)

Chicken Pancit (Filipino Noodles)

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There are just those days where we don t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare dinner. And in fact, sometimes we re so lazy we don t even want to cook! So contrary to popular belief, just because we have this food blog doesn t mean we re c
Recipe One step new age chicken rezala recipe

One step new age chicken rezala recipe

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I made chicken rezala for the first time the day before after work. Very simple. Oil free. Light if you are convalescing. Stupendously tasty. And its fragrance wafted through the house making it feel like the the Nawab of Oudh's house in Calcutta.

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