Chocolate with Orange

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Recipe Orange & soda milkshake

Orange & soda milkshake

gluten free
Dessert Very Easy 25 min 119 kcal
Ingredients: 1 can condensed milk 2 bottles orange drink (Mirinda, Fanta, Goldspot) 2 cups milk 2 tablespoons orange segments 1 teaspoon lemon juice (opt...
Recipe Gianduja truffle cake

Gianduja truffle cake

Other Very Easy 35 min 25 min
Ingredients: 16 oz gianduja chocolate 1 1/2 cups heavycream 4 Tbsp unsalted butter at room temperature 2 Tbsp frangelico liquor 1 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powde...
Recipe Thyme french macaroons...

Thyme french macaroons...

Appetizer Easy 15 min 10 min
Ingredients: 1) for the shell: 134 g almond flour 134 g powdered sugar 1 g dried thyme leaves, ground 125 g sugar 10 g water 25 g thyme infused syrup 100 g egg whi...
Recipe Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake

Orange Chocolate Swirl Cake

Soft moist orange chocolate flavoured butter cake! these 2 flavours matched very well indeed! You see the deep yellow section of the cake? You must be thinking I've added a lot of yellow colouring to the batter! heee but is not! It is actually Turmeri
Recipe Chocolate Orange Sponge Cake & Banana Chocolate Cream Cheese Chiffon

Chocolate Orange Sponge Cake & Banana Chocolate Cream Cheese Chiffon

There are quite a number of backlogs that I have not got a chance to post up for the past few months. And it seems to be stacking up steadily as the days goes on. I can say I'm usually a fast baker, but now due to time constraint, I've become such a slow
Recipe SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

This week's SMS was chosen by Ellen of Blue Tree Green Heart : chocolate orange macaroons. After having spent two glorious weeks house sitting for my in-laws, I returned home on Friday and these macaroons had the honor of being the first thing I baked

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