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Recipe Picnic dessert ideas: muffins, croissants, and peanut-chocolate cookies

Picnic dessert ideas: muffins, croissants, and peanut-chocolate cookies

Dessert Very Easy 20 min 30 min
Ingredients: 75 g of melted butter 250 g of self-raising flour 1 teaspoon of baking powder 0.5 teaspoon of soda bicarbonate 1 pinch of salt 0.5 teaspoon of ground...
Recipe Chocolate orange hazelnut tart

Chocolate orange hazelnut tart

Dessert Very Easy 15 min 20 min
Ingredients: 90 g butter 150 g soft brown sugar 2 large eggs 210 g very finely chopped hazelnut 1 Tbsp orange zest 100 g chopped dark chocolate 2 Tbsp Grand Marni...
Recipe Chocolate orange madeleines

Chocolate orange madeleines

Dessert Very Easy 20 min 1 hour
Ingredients: 1 stick - 8 Tbsp. of butter Melted and cooled. 3 eggs 3/4 cups of granulated sugar 1 Tbsp. of orange zest 1 Tbsp. orange juice 1 cup of all purpose ...
Recipe Thyme french macaroons...

Thyme french macaroons...

Appetizer Easy 15 min 10 min
Ingredients: 1) for the shell: 134 g almond flour 134 g powdered sugar 1 g dried thyme leaves, ground 125 g sugar 10 g water 25 g thyme infused syrup 100 g egg whi...
Recipe SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

SMS: Chocolate Orange Macaroons

This week's SMS was chosen by Ellen of Blue Tree Green Heart : chocolate orange macaroons. After having spent two glorious weeks house sitting for my in-laws, I returned home on Friday and these macaroons had the honor of being the first thing I baked