Cheesecake with Ricotta

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Recipe Salmon cheesecakes - Video recipe !

Salmon cheesecakes - Video recipe !

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Starter Very Easy 25 min
Ingredients: 6 slices of smoked salmon 3.5 ounces crackers 3 ounces butter 10 ounces cream cheese 9 ounces ricotta salt pepper dill chives...
Recipe Baked ricotta caramel cheese cake

Baked ricotta caramel cheese cake

Other Very Easy 25 min 1 h 30 m
Ingredients: For Biscuit Base : 180 g digestive biscuit, finely crushed 70 g ground toasted almond -145 g butter, melted For Ricotta Cheese Filling : 250 g homem...
Recipe No bake tiramisu cheese cake (gelatin 'n egg less)

No bake tiramisu cheese cake (gelatin 'n egg less)

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Dessert Very Easy 15 min 35 min
Ingredients: Lady fingers 1 packet powdered in a blender to a breadcrumb texture Butter 3/4 stick room temp ( about 3 ounce) For the cake Cream cheese 8 ounces ...
Recipe Apple calvados cheese cake

Apple calvados cheese cake

Dessert Very Easy 30 min 1 h 35 m
Ingredients: The Topping: 5 medium crispy green apples 3 tablespoons of brown sugar 2 tablespoons of apple butter 1 cube of butter 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 1/4 cup o...
Recipe Ricotta cheesecake

Ricotta cheesecake

Dessert Very Easy 10 min 45 min
Ingredients: 7 oz biscoff biscuits 2 oz softened butter 2 cups ricotta 2 eggs 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 Tbsp flour caramel peanuts biscoff powder...
The fastest cake in the world!

The fastest cake in the world!

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An extra moist and soft cake ready in just 5 minutes... You have any doubt? We made it and we can guaranty you will devour it all! So let's make it →