Filipino with Peanuts

3 recipes
Recipe Braised pork: filipino humba

Braised pork: filipino humba

(9 votes) , (15)
Main Dish Easy 45 min 1 hour
Ingredients: 1/2 kg or 500 grams pork belly cut into large cubes 1/2 kg or 500 grams pork butt shoulder cut into large cubes 1 whole head garlic crushed 1/2 cup...
Recipe Kare-kare (meat and vegetables stewed in peanut sauce)

Kare-kare (meat and vegetables stewed in peanut sauce)

Main Dish Very Easy 15 min 30 min
Ingredients: A whole pig Pata (about 1.3 kg) About 700 grams) of pork belly 3 tablespoons vegetable oil About 3 tablespoons Atsuete or annatto seeds 8 Garlic glov...
Recipe Fresh lumpia (vegetable roll)

Fresh lumpia (vegetable roll)

(2 votes)
Main Dish Very Easy 40 min 1 h 35 m
Ingredients: 1)FRESH LUMPIA: 1/2 cup pork, cut into small cubes 1/2 cup shrimps, chopped 1 tablespoon cooking oil salt and pepper to taste (or fish sauce instead o...

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