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Recipe sausage and escarole over penne

Sausage and escarole over penne

Last night after yet another potential roommate stood me up, I met up with Dude for dinner and some much needed laughs. Its been forever since I have seen him (for longer than 15 minutes at a time) and Otto is kinda one of our favorite spots (and he is li
Recipe Risotto with sausages (risotto con salsiccia)

Risotto with sausages (risotto con salsiccia)

Italian cuisine is often characterized as driven by seasons and being focused on very few ingredients in each dish. There are pasta dishes like Spaghetti Carbonara which fall under this category. For us the dish which symbolizes this philosophy most is
Recipe Paratha Sausage Rolls

Paratha Sausage Rolls

I love to blog hoop and check out what other bloggers are up to. And sometime back I came across this fast and easy to prepare snack. Since then I have been churning batches after batches to feed unexpected guests and little friends. These paratha sausag
Recipe Ostrich sausage rolls, gluten free

Ostrich sausage rolls, gluten free

If it's gluten free sausages in a gluten free bread roll from the braai, I must be eating...................? -er, at home.   It is surprisingly difficult to find gluten free sausages here, despite their much higher meat content [typically 90%] tha