Biscuits with Shortbread

3 recipes
Recipe Wholemeal shortbread biscuits

Wholemeal shortbread biscuits

Appetizer Very Easy 15 min 9 min
Ingredients: 75 g/3 ounces wholemeal flour 75 g/3 ounces plain flour 100 g/4 ounces butter, softened 50 g/2 ounces caster sugar...
Recipe Iced shortbread biscuits (cookies)

Iced shortbread biscuits (cookies)

Dessert Very Easy 30 min 20 min
Ingredients: 150g (5 ounces) butter, softened 75g (3 ounces) light muscovado sugar 150g (5 ounces) plain flour, plus extra for dusting 75g (3 ounces) cornflour Pi...
Recipe Lemon drop biscuits

Lemon drop biscuits

Appetizer Very Easy 15 min 30 min
Ingredients: 6 ounces/170 g Flour 4 ounces/115 g Butter (soften but not melted) 2 ounces/56g icing sugar 1/2 jar of lemon curd...

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