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Recipe Pork Sausage ( Filipino Longganisa)

Pork Sausage ( Filipino Longganisa)

Part of our culture is to eat rice three times a day. Yes, rice everyday from breakfast till dinner especially if you grew up in the province. Again, yes I grew up in the province so I am used to eat rice. But becoming mature I became body conscious so I
Recipe Spanish Style Sardines

Spanish Style Sardines

Spanish Style Sardines Spanish Style Sardines is a different variant of cooking sardines where fish is pressure cooked in oil, other methods known is cooking in brine or tomato sauce.  This food item is known for its preserved or canned versions which
Recipe Cassava Cake

Cassava Cake

Cassava cake is another all-time favorite dessert in the Philippines. It is made from grated cassava which Filipinos call kamoteng kahoy or balanghoy . Desserts made from cassava are very popular because cassava is easily grown anywhere in the coun


My husband's birthday is between the 28th of February and the 1st of March this year. He is one of those unfortunately born on the 29th day of February, so his birthday is not an annual thing. He is not big on celebrations and would probably just forget h
Recipe Almond & Pandan Sapin-Sapin

Almond & Pandan Sapin-Sapin

I recently joined Food Frenzy , a community for foodies?and it is holding a St. Patrick?s Day contest. It?s so easy to join! If you are a registered member, you just have to post your favorite St. Patrick?s Day food on Food Frenzy website and you?re al


Although the word fritada means fried or fry up in Spanish, the word afritada in the Philippine vernacular usually refers to a dish with a tomato based sauce. The meat or fish is fried before being added to the sauce. I made this dish for the Kulinarya Co


I was stumped by the Kulinarya Cooking Club's theme for this month. I am supposed to make something that I would like to have on my birthday. A seemingly simple task that should actually be easy as it can be anything. The problem is, I don't cook on my bi
Recipe Ginataang Manok (Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk or ?Gata?)

Ginataang Manok (Chicken Cooked in Coconut Milk or ?Gata?)

There are culinary properties of chicken and coconut cream which when combined together in cookery will result to a rich, flavorful, sometimes oily, but nonetheless truly satisfying dish. This is so true in the case of ?ginataang manok? or chicken braised
Recipe Pinoy Pork BBQ from Georgio?s

Pinoy Pork BBQ from Georgio?s

I am not sure why not sure if it is coincidence or what. You see, some of the most passionate foodies I know are of the Filipino heritage. It is strange because the Filipino cuisine is so under-represented in Metro Vancouver. If you think about it, Fi
Recipe Sinigang (Pork Stew in Tamarind)

Sinigang (Pork Stew in Tamarind)

I may not like ?sinigang? as much as my friends and colleagues do but since it is among the favorite foods of the majority in our group and part of the every day meal being served to us, I have already developed a moderate liking to the popular Filipino s
Recipe Bopis Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)

Bopis Garlic Fried Rice (Sinangag)

In the same passion of cooking adobo garlic fried rice , I have experimented with many other variations using different leftover meat; basically whatever is available in our kitchen. My latest trial is using some excess ?bopis? and it came out quite fi
Recipe Turon or Turron or Sagimis (Banana Fritters or Banana Spring Rolls)

Turon or Turron or Sagimis (Banana Fritters or Banana Spring Rolls)

The Philippine cuisine, in my opinion, is now an amalgamation of various international cuisines that were either introduced by early colonizers, liberators, traders and merchants, developed in response to the demand generated by tourism and international
Recipe Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet or Fritata)

Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet or Fritata)

Like the ?tortang alimasag? , another simple yet satisfying Filipino dish using egg and eggplant is ?tortang talong? or eggplant omelet or more appropriate, eggplant frittata. It is a very common course, usually for breakfast but goes very well as side d
Recipe Mussels In Ginger Soup With Chili Leaves

Mussels In Ginger Soup With Chili Leaves

Last week, a reader who goes by the initials V.T., e-mailed me about this particular Filipino mussels soup dish that I forgot about. As I have said to V.T., this is one of my favorite classic Filipino dishes. Unlike a lot of Filipino dishes, this is one
Recipe Chicken Pancit (Filipino Noodles)

Chicken Pancit (Filipino Noodles)

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There are just those days where we don t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare dinner. And in fact, sometimes we re so lazy we don t even want to cook! So contrary to popular belief, just because we have this food blog doesn t mean we re c
Recipe Stir Fry Glass Noodle (Sotanghon)

Stir Fry Glass Noodle (Sotanghon)

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I just love Asian style noodles. Whether it's chow mein, stir fried, crispy, noodles in soup, yakisoba, pancit, or in this case sotanghon, I can eat them anytime, any day. Sotanghon is a Filipino dish whose name originated from the Chinese word " tanghoon

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