Rice 1553 recipes

Recipe Express cantonese rice

Express cantonese rice

Main DishVery Easy381 kcal30 min
Ingredients: - 1/2 cup rice - 2 eggs - 2 ounces peas - 4 ounces bacon - 2 Tbsp soy sauce...
Bacon   Pea   Soya   Rice   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Rice pudding - video recipe !

Rice pudding - video recipe !

gluten free
DessertVery Easy230 kcal35 min
Ingredients: Half a litre of water 5 ounces of baking rice Half a litre of milk 6 tablespoons of sugar 1/2 vanilla pod 1 cinnamon stick Peel of half a ...
Pudding   Lemon   Rice   Cinnamon   Vanilla   
Recipe Szechwan fried rice (veg)

Szechwan fried rice (veg)

(31 votes), (4)
Main DishEasy30 min20 min
Ingredients: Basmati Rice ? 1 cup (cook by boiling in water until 3/4 done. Drain off excess water and let cool. Now refrigerate overnight) Dry red chillies ? 7-8...
Fried   Bean   Carrot   Onion   Soya   Rice   Garlic   Ginger   Ketchup   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Quick fried rice

Quick fried rice

(19 votes), (3)
Main DishVery Easy10 min5 min
Ingredients: about 2 cups cooked rice (don't pack the rice down to measure it! keep it fluffy) 1 small head of broccoli 1/2 red onion 1 large carrot 1/2 cup frozen...
Fried   Quick   Broccoli   Carrot   Onion   Pea   Soya   Rice   Jalapeno   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Ghee rice with vegetable kurma

Ghee rice with vegetable kurma

(17 votes)
Main DishVery Easy15 min35 min
Ingredients: 1)Ghee Rice: - Rice- 2cups - Coconutmilk-1 cup - Water-3 cups - Cardamom-4 - Cinnamon-2 one inch sticks - Cloves-5 - Black cardamom-1 - Javitri/mace-1...
Bean   Carrot   Onion   Pea   Vegetables   Coconut   Rice   Cardamom   Chilli Powder   Cinnamon   Clove   Coriander   Garam Masala   Garlic   Ginger   Masala   Cashew Nut   
Recipe Steamed rice cake

Steamed rice cake

(17 votes), (1)
DessertVery Easy10 min20 min
Ingredients: 180g Sugar 180ml water 200g cake flour 50g rice flour 2 tsp baking powder food colouring...
Cake   Steamed   Rice   
Recipe Thai fried rice

Thai fried rice

(12 votes), (1)
Main DishEasy20 min10 min
Ingredients: 4 cups cooked jasmine rice (about 1 ½ cups dry) 1 coconut sweetened coconut milk Peanut oil 1 lb. chicken (could use shrimp or pork) 1 tsp. curry ...
Fried   Thai   Chicken   Pork   Shrimps   Cucumber   Onion   Pea   Soya   Coconut   Lime   Pineapple   Rice   Basil   Cilantro   Clove   Curry   Garlic   Ginger   Soy Sauce   Peanuts   
Recipe Lemongrass turmeric rice

Lemongrass turmeric rice

(11 votes), (3)
Main DishEasy25 min15 min
Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups rice - washed and drained 1 cup thick coconut milk 1 1/2 tsp turmeric powder (or as preferred) 2 lemongrass - bruised 4 shallots - chopped ...
Coconut   Rice   Garlic   Turmeric   
Recipe Homemade horchata (mexican rice drink) mix

Homemade horchata (mexican rice drink) mix

(11 votes), (4)
OtherVery Easy15 min0 min
Ingredients: The Horchata mix: yield 2 quarts of prepared drink. - 3 tablespoons dry nonfat milk powder (or dry soy milk powder) - 2 tablespoons rice flour - 3/4 c...
Mexican   Soya   Rice   Cinnamon   Vanilla   
Recipe Fried rice cakes with eggs (banh bot chien)

Fried rice cakes with eggs (banh bot chien)

(10 votes), (2)
Main DishVery Easy15 min20 min
Ingredients: - 1 bag of rice flour (1lb) - 3 tbsp cornstarch or tapioca starch - 1/2 tsp salt - 1/2 tsp sugar - 1/4 tsp MSG (optional) - 2 tbsp oil - 7 cups water...
Cake   Fried   Rice   
Recipe Loh mai gai (steamed sticky rice with chicken)

Loh mai gai (steamed sticky rice with chicken)

(8 votes)
Main DishEasy1 hour30 min
Ingredients: 1 stick of chinese sausage, sliced 4 stalks of dried mushrooms, soaked, sliced 100g chicken breast fillet, sliced 1.5 cups glutinous rice, washed and ...
Steamed   Wine   Chicken breast   Sausage   Oyster   Soya   Rice   Garlic   Ginger   Sesame Oil   Soy Sauce   White Pepper   Mushrooms   
Recipe Chinese fried rice

Chinese fried rice

(8 votes), (2)
Main DishVery Easy20 min20 min
Ingredients: cups cooked white rice 8 prawns (remove shells, devein and chopped) 5 cloves garlic - chopped 200g frozen mixed veges (de-frost) 2 eggs 1/2 tbsp ...
Fried   Prawn   Onion   Soya   Rice   Clove   Garlic   Sesame Oil   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Nasi goreng pete - indonesian fried rice with stinky beans

Nasi goreng pete - indonesian fried rice with stinky beans

(7 votes), (1)
OtherEasy20 min10 min
Ingredients: 2 tbs olive oil 1/2 cup long grain (cooked) rice 3 cloves minced garlice 2 tbs minced shallots 2 bird's eye chilies, sliced thinly 10 shrimps 9 ...
Fried   Clam   Fish   Oyster   Shrimps   Bean   Onion   Soya   Rice   Clove   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Back with a bhadang- puffed rice chivda

Back with a bhadang- puffed rice chivda

(7 votes)
Main DishVery Easy20 min30 min
Ingredients: - Puffed rice 250 g - Metkut - 2 teaspoons - Red chilli powder - 1 tablespoon - Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon - Goda Masala - 2 teaspoon - Cumin-coria...
Coconut   Rice   Chilli Powder   Cinnamon   Clove   Coriander   Cumin   Curry   Garlic   Masala   Turmeric   Nuts   Peanuts   
Recipe Tomato rice with fried cabbage

Tomato rice with fried cabbage

(6 votes)
Main DishEasy40 min30 min
Ingredients: 1 cup Basmati Rice 4 Ripe tomatoes (large) 1 large cup Cabbage (Shredded) 1 cup Green peas 1 large Onion Cashews (few crushed or whole) 4 Green ...
Fried   Cabbage   Onion   Pea   Tomato   Rice   Bay Leaf   Cardamom   Cinnamon   Clove   Cumin   Garam Masala   Garlic   Ginger   Masala   
Recipe Mexican rice/spanish rice

Mexican rice/spanish rice

(6 votes)
Main DishEasy15 min30 min
Ingredients: Long grain rice-1 cup Peas-1/2 cup Sweet corn-1/2 cup Tomato puree-1 cup Garlic-4 cloves minced Capsicum-1/2 chopped Cumin seeds-1 tsp Red chil...
Mexican   Pea   Sweet corn   Vegetables   Rice   Chilli Powder   Clove   Coriander   Cumin   Garlic   
Recipe Seafood stir fried rice

Seafood stir fried rice

(6 votes)
Main DishVery Easy20 min10 min
Ingredients: 1 cup short grain rice 2 cups chicken stock 1/4 pound bay shrimp 1/4 pound bay scallops (small ones) 2 medium shallots, chopped 4 cloves of ...
Fried   Chicken   Seafood   Shrimps   Celery   Onion   Rice   Black Pepper   Clove   Garlic   Sesame Oil   
Recipe Iddiyappam biriyani (biriyani with steamed rice- noodles)

Iddiyappam biriyani (biriyani with steamed rice- noodles)

(5 votes), (3)
Main DishEasy30 min30 min
Ingredients: For Iddiyappam /Noolappam: Rice flour – 2-3 cups (should make around 12 iddiyappams) Water – as required Salt – as per taste Ghee/oil – 1 tsp(for oili...
Steamed   Chicken   Onion   Noodle   Rice   Cardamom   Cinnamon   Clove   Nuts   
Recipe Gluten free chicken and sprouted rice soup

Gluten free chicken and sprouted rice soup

(5 votes), (1)
Main DishEasy15 min50 min
Ingredients: 1 cup boiled shredded chicken ( almost 1 chicken breast) 3/4 cup sprouted rice and quinoa blend 5 cups GF chicken broth or water 250 mil half and half...
Gluten free   Soup   Chicken breast   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Onion   Sprouts   Quinoa   Rice   Black Pepper   Garlic   Thyme   Almond   
Recipe Sweetened rice flour with corn and coconut milk ( maja blanca)

Sweetened rice flour with corn and coconut milk ( maja blanca)

(5 votes), (1)
DessertEasy15 min20 min
Ingredients: 1 cup thick coconut milk 1 cup rice flour 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup cornstarch 5 tbsp sweet corn kernel 4 cups coconut milk...
Sweet corn   Coconut   Rice   
Recipe Puto pao (steamed rice cake with pork filling)

Puto pao (steamed rice cake with pork filling)

(5 votes)
OtherVery Easy15 min15 min
Ingredients: 1) Pork Filling : - 1/2 Tablespoon oil - 1/4 cup diced onions - 1 Tablespoon hoisin sauce - 1 Tablespoon catsup - 3/4 Tablespoon sugar - 1/2 Tablespo...
Cake   Steamed   Pork   Oyster   Onion   Rice   Garlic   
Recipe Thermomix 'fried' rice

Thermomix 'fried' rice

(5 votes), (1)
Main DishVery Easy45 min20 min
Ingredients: - 400g of raw rice - 1 tin of coconut milk - 500g water (for white or basmati rice) / 700g water (for brown rice) - 100g - 200g of cubed chicken or fi...
Fried   Thermomix   Bacon   Chicken   Fish   Broccoli   Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Celery   Leek   Onion   Pea   Soya   Spinach   Coconut   Rice   Curry   Garlic   Ginger   Honey   Soy Sauce   
Recipe Chitrannam (variety rice/ kalavai sadam)

Chitrannam (variety rice/ kalavai sadam)

(5 votes)
Main DishEasy55 min1 hour
Ingredients: 1) LEMON RICE: - Lemon juice - from 1 lemon - Green chillies - 3 or 4 chopped - Curry leaves - few - Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp - Asafoetida powder - 1...
Cabbage   Carrot   Cauliflower   Cucumber   Moong   Pea   Coconut   Lemon   Rice   Curry   Ginger   Mustard   Sesame Oil   Turmeric   Peanuts   
Recipe Nasi goreng belacan ikan bilis (shrimp paste anchovies fried rice)

Nasi goreng belacan ikan bilis (shrimp paste anchovies fried rice)

(4 votes), (1)
Main DishVery Easy25 min25 min
Ingredients: 3 cups cooked white rice 3 tbsp tiny anchovies -soaked and rinsed 5 shallots - sliced thinly 5 garlic - chopped 10 long beans - sliced into tiny rings...
Fried   Anchovy   Shrimps   Bean   Onion   Rice   Garlic   
Recipe Ari murukku (a snack made from rice powder)

Ari murukku (a snack made from rice powder)

(4 votes)
OtherVery Easy10 min20 min
Ingredients: Rice powder - 2 cups Urid dal/black gram powder - 2 tbsp (dry roast urid dal till golden brown, let cool and grind in a coffee grinder or mixer till y...
Coffee   Rice   Cumin   

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