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Recipe Fried Turmeric Tofu/Tauhu Goreng Kunyit.

Fried Turmeric Tofu/Tauhu Goreng Kunyit.

Tofu/Tauhu is one of my favorite.Its terrifically packed with protein as well as heart-healthy unsaturated oil and also an excellent meat substitutes.This is one of Malaysian-inspired Tofu/Tauhu dish which loaded with fresh turmeric.
Recipe Marinated Tofu Spinach Salad

Marinated Tofu Spinach Salad

There's nothing I love more than a light, carefree, sunny Sunday Morning. The kind of day where I get up at a reasonable 9 AM and crunch on cereal as I read the morning headlines on my computer and the sun's rays stream through my window. The kind of day
Recipe Sizzling Tofu

Sizzling Tofu

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Another addition to one of my favorites, this recipe is not just a good appetizer, this may actually be served as main course for lunch or dinner feasts. This may also be feasted on while having a bottle or two of ice cold beer. :D Sizzling To